101 Patchen Avenue in New York City

101 Patchen Avenue, NY 11221
ID: 13273
Units: 10
Stories: 4
Bedrooms: -
Sq. ft. Range: -

About 101 Patchen Avenue

Meet the new comfortable 101 Patchen Avenue apartment. The building was built by AG Capital Group in conjunction with KMP Design and Engineering. Clear clean lines of the building do not violate the general harmony of the surrounding landscape. The building has 10 units and 4 floors. If you want your apartments to be as comfortable and spacious as possible, then hurry up to rent 101 Patchen Avenue. High ceilings and large windows let in a lot of sunshine, so the room is always lit by natural light. However, the house is also equipped with various lighting fixtures. White walls and ceilings visually increase the space and create a good background for any changes. The floors are made of dark wooden parquet. However, all walls and ceilings have pastel colors, which helps to visually increase the space. Open-plan combined kitchen, living room and dining area. The high-tech kitchen leaves no doubt about its maximum functionality. Nothing more, just what you need for cooking. The bedrooms and the living room are decorated in light-dark colors. The cozy interior sets in for relaxation. The neighborhood of the apartments is developed, there are a couple of supermarkets nearby - Key Food Supermarkets, Associated Supermarkets, Ideal Food Basket; Cafe - Canticles Sober Lounge, Crown Fried Chicken, Mary's Coffee Shop; grocery stores - Foodtown of Bushwick, Healthway Gourmet, Novato's Grocery; Restaurants - Cajun Restaurant Bayou, Chinese Restaurant Kum Wah, Sevenflags Restaurant.

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101 Patchen Avenue has 10 comfort units for rent.

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Housing Type: Apartment
Construction status: In progress