Aurora Sunny Isles Beach - Stay On Top Of The World

Meet the real-life equivalent of your dream as you explore the gleaming beauty of the unique architecture and exclusive perfection of Aurora Sunny Isles Beach. Being a clear favorite of the upper class and the superior choice of accommodation in Florida, this condominium is a stunning and luxurious gem of the City of Sunny Isles Beach, offering a premium style of living in one of the most glorious and high-regarded places in the world.

Sunny Isles Beach - Paradise City

Welcome to the City of Sunny Isles Beach - a growing resort area that spreads across 1,78 square miles and inhabits over 22,000 people. Cultural diversity meets posh opulence in a place named American Riviera by the initial owner of the small island upon which the city stands, Harvey Graves, who foresaw the touristic and resort potential of the area. Fast forward one hundred years, Sunny Isles Beach has evolved into one of the most acclaimed and prestige regions for a prosperous life in the world.

The city commission has been actively encouraging the rapid growth of the city, supporting the businesses and providing all kinds of public services to sustain the high quality of life on the isle. Those include safety and fire protection, water rescue (a must-have on an ocean resort), city planning and construction work, as well as transportation and road maintenance. Other areas of service include educational, cultural, and recreational facilities, the much needed accessible parking, and of course administrative and governmental services.

Location Matters

One of the major reasons Sunny Isles Beach is such a popular place to buy premium real estate in Florida is the positioning of the isle. This magnificent resort finds itself between the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Intracoastal Waterway on the west, which allows you to stay as close as possible to the best things life can offer.

To complement that, Sunny Isles Beach is in close proximity to the City of Miami, as well as another world-renowned resort, Miami Beach. You will stay at the epicenter of excitement and divine lifestyle, but not too far from the ever-changing tides of the industrial revolution. Enjoy the incomparable variety of restaurants, beaches, theaters, and clubs, as well as recreational facilities and nature's best parks.

Running through the city's main attractions and buildings, Collins Ave offers an exclusive journey to explore fancy dining facilities and a plethora of shops and malls lining the avenue. Imposing towers and formidable condominiums serve as innovative and ambitious displays of the Sunny Isles Beach's never-ending strive for a better life. Various private and municipal parking lots are abundant, along with convenient pathways that lead to the coastline. You will find yourself among prosperous infrastructure and heavenly beaches while maintaining a sense of surrounding progress and life's exciting rhythm.

Places You Can Not Miss

Sunny Isles Beach offers attractions for even the most sophisticated of tastes, and the amount of splendid locations in the city is hard to count.

The most distinguished parks in the area are Loggia Beach Park, a palm-fringed beachfront zone with a magnetic style, and Samson Oceanfront Park, a popular spacious landscape with dedicated areas for children, picnics, and workout.

Those who find a mix of challenge and relaxation of fishing to be their cup of tea will be pleased to know Newport Fishing Pier, the only fishing pier in the area, is located within walking distance from Aurora.

Sunny Isles Beach is home to buildings designed by world-renowned architects, but the most famous of them is the Trump International Beach Resort, a stand-out landmark of the city's architectural attire.

Experiences To Enjoy

From unmatched oceanfront vistas to perpetual entertainment of the nightlife, Sunny Isles Beach will not leave you bored. After you have indulged yourself with carefree sunbathing on the beaches near the Atlantic Ocean, you might consider turning your head towards Oleta River State Park, a broad area on the outskirts of the city, where nature painted fascinating patterns with river waters and lush green trees, and then smoothed the edges with elegant white sandy beaches. It truly is a breathtaking piece of land that will ignite your spiritual energy.

For more active pastime, visit West Lake Park that lies to the north of Sunny Isles Beach for an opportunity to pump adrenaline into your blood with kayaking or canoeing. Of course, just a short stretch away lies Hollywood Beach. That is a place that doesn't induce dreaming, instead reinforcing the idea of living a dream. An unprecedented example of captivating appeal intertwined with bright sands and azure water, it possesses the power to leave a lasting impression on everyone.


Although life in Sunny Isles Beach is akin to a paradise trip, not only is it a one-of-a-kind resort, but also a city for fulfilling multi-dimensional life. Among other administrative services and beneficial policies, the city commission has taken care of the education for the youth.

The residents are zoned to several schools, the most prominent being Norman S. Edelcup/Sunny Isles Beach K-8. The school includes activities and useful programs such as Accelerated Reader, VMath Live, as well as mock elections, book and toy drives, and many more. The city has offered several highschools to those who are privileged to live in Sunny Isles Beach, like Highland Oaks Middle School, or built new establishments, like Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School.

Verzasca Group -­The Focus On Building The Community

The mission of Verzasca Group, the construction company responsible for the condominium of Aurora Sunny Isles Beach, is straightforward: to focus on high-value structures in order to create a fertile ground for communities to thrive and expand beyond the structure itself.

Having built over 10 million square feet of construction area throughout the world, the company has always utilized the best material resources and involved the most accomplished professionals in the process of building meaningful and lasting spaces. According to Verzasca Group's philosophy, a building has to add personal value to those who inhabit it. Be it an ambitious pursuit of success or steady family life, the company makes sure to offer you the best space to live your best life.

Aurora Sunny Isles Beach - A Place of Endless Joy

Conveniently positioned alongside the city's most relevant street, Aurora Sunny Isles Beach resides at 17550 Collins Avenue. The architect behind the building, Luis Revuelta, has been a champion of economically feasible and aesthetically astounding designs. Interior design has been realized by one of the most innovative firms in the business, Antrobus+Ramirez, bringing a sense of lushness and vibrancy to the living areas and making sure that the area conveys the rejuvenating energy of wealthy life.

The premium quality of life in the area is being manifested in top-tier restaurants and cafes, exclusive night clubs, as well as world-class recreational facilities all over the city. Aurora Sunny Isles Beach, however, is not only the epitome of luxury but also an area for simpler needs. Exceptional dining places and numerous stores are literally across the street, with two well-known shopping centers, Aventura Mall and Bal Harbour Shops, only a short walk away.

Your travel needs are, of course, accounted for, as the condominium is situated in close proximity to two international airports, Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, both within 20 miles from the premises.

Allow yourself to live your dream in Aurora Sunny Isles Beach. It is the most original and eye-catching building in one of the poshest areas in the world. Mind-blowing royal towers amidst heavenly resorts are delivering the most intricate life experiences, and if you open up to its seduction, it will run the fulfilling divine energy run through your enlightened soul.

Dream-like Elegance

Inhabit the 16-story apartment building by Verzasca Group and define your own way of living the dream as you get inspired by its ground-breaking design or plentiful amenities. To see the futuristic exterior design of Aurora Sunny Isles Beach with your own eyes is an astonishing cathartic experience. A visionary combination of strong straight lines in conjunction with subtle curves conveys an image of industrial progress that embraced the best features of nature's magnificence.

Architectural prowess of Luis Revuelta shines through as he applies ambiguous peacefulness using the mix of silver-grey and azure in the building's colors. Unsurprisingly, the tone adapts to natural light in the most satisfying and hypnotic way, bringing up the word "magic" in your mind whenever you see it.

Aurora Sunny Isles Beach is a boutique building with 61 luxurious residences. The ground floor serves as a gleaming commercial area with its own entrance. The residents get to enjoy an exclusive amenity floor and a residential park, all located on the grandiose dedicated balcony in front of the building and above the ground floor. As a nice little touch, the south side hosts a private entrance to the apartment area which further enhances the exclusivity of your living.

To highlight the all-inclusive features of Aurora, there is a mikvah for Judaic rituals, as well as a hammam, a Turkish bathing space. This premium condominium also offers a world-class fitness center and a jaw-dropping half-Olympic length pool with an attendant. On the other end of the activity spectrum, yoga enthusiasts will find both indoor and outdoor yoga lounges to sustain physical and spiritual harmony.

The cherry on top is the beautiful landscape architecture by Neilsen Landscape Architects, accompanied by the private sundeck and premium cabana lounges. That, complemented with an outdoor theatre and family-friendly relaxation area, allows lucky residents to enjoy their own little resort.

Luxurious Units

If you are a resident of Aurora Sunny Isle Beach, the first thing you will feel is a sense of liberating escape. Amenity areas and living spaces prove to be effective areas of expression and relaxation, surrounded by the works of the finest designers in the world. Fixtures, finishes, and home concepts by Antrobus+Ramirez are intently positioned to ignite a harmonious dance of life and leisure.

Aurora's boutique residences offer 61 unique options, ranging from 2- and 3-bedroom apartments to pool deck lanai homes and penthouse accommodations with exclusive rooftop terraces. With floor-to-ceiling windows facing the glorious Atlantic Ocean on the east, the homes attract the radiant Florida sunlight and provide unmatched views of the private curved terraces. Nothing can top the experience of catching sunsets in Aurora Sunny Isles Beach.

For extra comfort and exclusivity, each residence is equipped with private elevator entry. The 10-feet-high ceilings forge a perception of limitless space, one that is enhanced by the seamless and smart layout that combines artful creativity with intelligent utility. Both furniture and kitchen appliances are of first-grade quality and thoughtful elegance. Enjoy reliability and functionality with home features from renowned brands such as Wolf, Sub-zero, and ASKO.


Aurora Sunny Isles Beach strives to make your life as fulfilling as possible, providing the following perks and services to ensure the highest standard of living:

· Kid’s zone and family area.

· Beach attendant and concierge services.

· Private two-floor parking garage.

· 24/7 valet services.

· Ten charging stations for electric vehicles.

· Private sundeck, cabana lounges, and swimming pool area with an attendant.

· Premium fitness center and indoor/outdoor yoga lounges.

· Hammam and mikvah.

Types of Residences

Aurora Sunny Isles Beach offers dwellings of various bedroom and bathroom combinations, each with multiple sizing options for living area and balcony.

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,385 sq. ft., 202 sq. ft. balcony:

$915,552 (low) - $1,101,600 (mid) - $1,185,200 (high)

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,385 sq. ft., 296 sq. ft. balcony:


2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,385 sq. ft., 342 sq. ft. balcony:


2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,385 sq. ft., 349 sq. ft. balcony:


2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,685 sq. ft., 478 sq. ft. balcony:

from $1,223,250

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1,685 sq. ft., 478 sq. ft. balcony:

$1,244,000 (low) - $1,305,000 (mid) - $1,360,500 (high)

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2,230 sq. ft., 478 sq. ft. balcony:


2.5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,398 sq. ft., 259 sq. ft. balcony:


2.5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,398 sq. ft., 423 sq. ft. balcony:


2.5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,398 sq. ft., 260 sq. ft. balcony:


2.5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,398 sq. ft., 259 sq. ft. balcony:

$1,040,400 (low) - $1,215,800 (high)

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,148 sq. ft., 549 sq. ft. balcony:

$1,440,600 - $1,560,000 - $1,575,000 - $1,610,000

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,148 sq. ft., 1128 sq. ft. balcony:


Penthouse - 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,630 sq. ft., 600 sq. ft. balcony:


Penthouse - 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3,116 sq. ft., 785 sq. ft. balcony:


Nothing More To Desire

Seize this opportunity to buy the best, most desirable real estate in Florida. Launch your life to its highest potential, as extra-class luxury has never been more affordable. Schedule to complete construction in 2020, Aurora Sunny Isles Beach is the landmark of one of the poshest areas in the world, providing everything you need for limitless exploration of life's finest gifts to the world.