How to Buy Condo Without a Realtor?

Buying a home on your own, it is important to remember that everything depends entirely on preference and final choice. Keep in mind:

  • Time - the most important resource when searching for an apartment on your own. Realtors, as a rule, work for days without days off and holidays to find and choose suitable options. If you decide to look for housing on your own, be prepared to spend lots of time checking out various options.
  • Understanding of how the process of buying an apartment works. Affordable transport and the quality of communications are crucial. As well as the availability of infrastructure in a particular area. These factors usually dictate the price that the seller offers. 
  • Organization of legal support for the transaction. To begin with, you yourself cannot trace all the subtleties. Even lawyers do not always know all the features of real estate transactions. You definitely need a lawyer specializing in property law. Otherwise, it may turn out that the documents for housing are not all right when it’s too late.

What to Know When Buying a Home Without a Realtor

First, you should carefully study the market and find out how many apartments of your preferred type have already been sold and at what price. You can explore the market on your own by phoning several sellers. 

Remember also that sellers are as interested in providing you with a new condo as you are interested in finding one. You can place an announcement on specialized sites about exactly what you are looking for. The more clearly the parameters are indicated, the more likely they are to offer you a suitable option. It is better to indicate the amount slightly lower than the one you are counting on in order to be able to bargain.

Be sure to clarify the contract termination points. The ability to cease the transaction without risking your own funds, if something goes wrong, is extremely important and necessary.

Before buying a condo you must definitely research and analyze. No virtual tour can replace the opportunity to see everything with your own eyes.

It is best to hire a recommended lawyer. A trusted specialist will help to conduct the transaction as properly as possible, stripping you off many unnecessary worries. The services of a good lawyer are expensive, but it is better to pay them than legal costs.

Before buying, it is important to make sure that condo is insured. Also, housing should not be pledged and there should be no utility debts.

Preparing for sealing a deal

Before signing the contract, you should carefully study the documents and verify all the personal data of the sellers. It must be remembered that if an apartment has several owners, then each of them must give written consent to the sale of housing. If a child or legally incompetent owns a share in the apartment, then the guardianship authorities give consent to sell the housing.

You also need to make sure that the homeowner is competent all-around. Otherwise, the transaction is subsequently declared invalid through the court, as the owner was not responsible for his actions in the process of signing the contract. In this case, the apartment will be returned to the previous owner, but getting your money back will be quite difficult, since it is almost impossible to make a claim to an incapable person.

In order to confirm legal capacity, you can request a certificate from a psychiatrist. You can also request a certificate from a narcologist.

The seller must provide the entire package of documents, which includes:

  • certificate of ownership;
  • copies of passports of all homeowners;
  • documents indicating on the basis of which the right to housing was obtained;
  • if necessary, the permission of the guardianship authorities.

If any of the required documents are not provided, then you should not conclude a deal. In addition, it is very important to see the documentation for the apartment. All documents must be in the original only. Copies will not work.

The contract must be certified by a notary public. Before signing, you should carefully read the entire document, check the details and data. The real price of housing must be indicated in the contract, so that in case of problems it was possible to claim the real amount of the transaction. Also, do not forget that housing is considered property only after the state registration has passed and the ownership documents have been handed over to the buyer.

Properly inspecting the future dwelling

Once you have found an option that seems suitable, you should make a thorough inspection of the housing. Modesty is best left aside: where you will live depends on the quality of the inspection. Therefore, you can safely look into all angles, ask any questions of interest, and check all the nuances.

Homeowners have certain tricks that make it possible to present housing in a better light: you can close a hole in the wall with a picture, hide spots on the floor under the carpet. Therefore, inspection of the apartment should be carried out during daylight hours and with the best possible lighting. Particular attention should be paid to communications, the condition of balconies and windows.

If possible, you should meet future neighbors. They can tell a lot of interesting things. You can also hire a specialist to inspect the house or apartment. He/she will be able to check everything that you are poorly versed in and indicate the real quality of housing.

If the apartment came up, then after the inspection, you can take a short walk around the neighborhood, which will allow you to understand how the infrastructure is arranged. If the area is new, then you can see the long-term plan for the development of territories. This will help to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future and not be far from all communications or near a plant that pollutes the atmosphere.

Should I Buy a Condo Without a Realtor

Some buyers fear real estate agents. They think that their only concern is to close the deal quickly. But actually it is not. A larger percentage of agents try to please their client as much as possible and behave very ethically. Buying condo independently, however, is fraught with certain risks.

It is always better to make such important purchases with the professional’s help. A realtor will always be in touch with and clarify all issues without exception. In addition, it is very important to have a reliable source of information. Often, working with a realtor also instills confidence in the buyer, because buying a property is a very stressful event.

If you still decide to get a place on your own, however, then you should remember that there are certain risks. These include:

  • The need to negotiate independently. Here you will face rather high risks.
  • Agents who work in specific areas know facts about the area that a home seller may be silent about. For example, you may face an unfavorable criminal situation in the neighborhood or utility problems in the house when it’s too late.
  • It may be difficult to get all the information about housing that you have a legal right to. Sellers can conceal something and there is no way for the buyer to check it.
  • Seller may request too much. If there is no way to check the price, then the seller may request too much.
  • You will have to deal with the documentation yourself, which is written in a specific business style and can often be incomprehensible to the average person. An agent can explain certain nuances.
  • There is no way to check the lender. The lender may not have a very good reputation and problems may arise in obtaining funds.
  • All checks for future housing you will have to determine yourself. Most buyers do not know where to look for problem areas, where mold is more likely to form, and when to check the sewage system.


You can buy an apartment without the help of a realtor all right. Of course, it will take you more time and more understand of certain subtleties, such as the particular location of the apartment, its inspection, and legal issues. To find a home that meets your needs, use the inew-homes website where tons of offers are collected to help you easier choose what is right for you.