Meadow Glenn in Ocala

Southwest 62nd Avenue, Ocala, FL
ID: 1783
Units: -
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Bedrooms: 3 - 4
Sq. ft. Range: 1,477 - 2,824

About Meadow Glenn

Pay your attention to a rural family house Meadow Glenn with an unusual design. This complex was designed as a family holiday center. This impressive dream home is located in a secluded area on the northeast coast, in a private gated community. This building does not go too far from simple lines and aims more at convenience and practicality, which does not mean the absence of chic and grace. The main space of the building consists of a living room, a guest room and a bedroom with windows throughout the wall, allowing you to fully enjoy the local nature. The overall interior design is modern, luxurious and stylish. The luxurious living room is decorated in natural warm colors, snow-white sofas decorated with original accents and the open space create harmony in the general background. Materials and textures, a view of the surroundings form a cozy unison. Free design promotes natural ventilation, does not close the view. Modern dining room furniture looks beautiful against the general background. The table made of dark wood looks very aesthetically combined with the floor, and chic chairs complement this union. The bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows is breathtaking. The richness of the building is confirmed by the available quality structural components, for example, insulated windows, solar panels that cool the roof, as well as natural cross ventilation around the perimeter, which preserves a refreshing effect. What could be better than a morning awakening in such a place? A modern, one-story summer family cottage is located just off I-75 and brand-new shopping malls and restaurants in the nearby open-air Market Street Market. If you want to relax in comfort, then hurry to buy or rent a house Meadow Glenn.

Meadow Glenn Team

Developer Reed Homes

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Meadow Glenn has chic units, starting at just $199,950.

Meadow Glenn has 16 chic units for sale.

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Price for sale
From $199,950 to $309,950
Housing Type: House
Construction status: In progress