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FAQ about new apartments in Mamaroneck Village

The real estate market in Mamaroneck Village, NY has different properties, starting from $174,964.

Mamaroneck Village has a real estate market with 31 new properties for sale with prices varying from $174,964 to $1,861,255.

The largest founders in Mamaroneck Village, NY are Zion Enterprises, Ann/Nassau Realty, LLC, Bernard Weingarten, 208 Java LLC, JVL Property Group.

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New construction homes in Mamaroneck Village, NY for sale

Meet new construction homes in Mamaroneck Village, NY. Set up a filter with a city to find out new options in the Mamaroneck Village real estate market and select for you one of the best apartments with photos, emplacement details, and property characteristics. Prices of 73 Mamaroneck Village construction homes for sale vary from $242,492 to $9,749,335. The construction homes are equipped with 30 bedrooms in 2505 square feet of space.

Types of buildings in Mamaroneck Village

Use to find the chic piece of Mamaroneck Village buildings. You can search for loved buildings among 73 options. The buildings are available for sale now. Do not miss the opportunity to start living in the chic construction homes. In, you can find all new buildings types from 44 houses, 88 townhouses, 74 apartments or 46 condos. Mamaroneck Village provides up to 844 units in stock in 73 new buildings with a maximum number of stories 7.

Founders in Mamaroneck Village, NY

Mamaroneck Village has 9 founders working with 73 new buildings available for sale. These founders include Ordella LLC, Gordon Lau, TNE Buiding, LEV Development Group, UT Borrower LLC, some of the largest founders in Mamaroneck Village, NY. Check out the founders in Mamaroneck Village and find the chic new apartments from available construction status: 40 apartments are in the beginning, 48 apartments are in progress and 1409 apartments are completed.