Southlands in Delta

Boundary Bay Road, Delta, BC V4L
ID: 41956
Units: 33
Stories: -
Bedrooms: 3 - 4
Sq. ft. Range: 1,816 - 2,537

About Southlands

Southlands is a new, cozy residential Townhouse, Single Family House in Delta, BC, consists of 33 delightful apartments each featuring up to 4 bedrooms and the total area ranging from 1,816 to 2,537 sq.ft. Prices start from $929,900 and reach up to $1,599,900 for a 4-bedroom apartment. Each apartment in this house features a fully equipped kitchen with five-star layout and roomy bathrooms with excellent design.

Southlands is located at Boundary Bay Rd, Delta, BC V4L, Canada with the following construction status: In progress.

Purchase a beautiful apartment in Southlands and enjoy living to the fullest, using all the wonderful amenities and services! For additional information, feel free to call us or fill out the form.


Southlands has chic units, starting at just $929,900.

Southlands has 33 chic units for sale.

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Price for sale
From $929,900 to $1,599,900
Housing Type: House, Townhouse
Construction status: In progress